Sights and Sounds of Bayview: Having Pride

These days, lots of people are trying to make a difference in San Francisco’s Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood. But one group stands out from the rest. First of all, it’s made up of black men in their 60s and 70s who grew up in the neighborhood. They call themselves H.P. – it stands for “having pride.” And they’re not just trying to give back to their community, they feel compelled to do so by a higher power. Reporter Christopher Johnson has more.

The Sights and Sounds of Bayview is a storytelling project between the San Francisco Arts Commission and local public radio KALW 91.7FM with funding from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. These eight stories feature remarkable people who live, work, and make a positive change in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood.

Radio Producer: Christopher Johnson
Photographer: Kevin B. Jones
Local Music: Dynamic, DAFOP, DJ C X Los
Additional Images from Steve Rhodes and Dave77459

Sights and Sounds of Bayview Team:
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Holly Kernan: Executive Editor
Martina Castro: Supervising Editor
Audrey Dilling: Series Editor
Stephanie Foo: Sound Designer
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