About SFAC

RAW Dance. Photo: J. Astra Brinkmann

Established by charter in 1932, the San Francisco Arts Commission (SFAC) is the city agency that champions the arts.

From children exploring visual, literary and performing arts through our arts education programs, to neighborhoods being transformed through our street activation initiatives, to pedestrians discovering artwork in public spaces, to our grant-sponsored programs funding performances for hundreds of thousands to enjoy, the SFAC programs are a catalyst for life-changing experiences in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Read more about it in our Strategic Plan.

Our Mission:

The San Francisco Arts Commission is the City agency that champions
the arts as essential to daily life by investing in a vibrant arts community,
enlivening the urban environment and shaping innovative cultural policy.

Our Vision:

The San Francisco Arts Commission envisions a San Francisco where
the transformative power of art is critical to strengthening neighborhoods,
building infrastructure and fostering positive social change. We believe
the arts create inspiring personal experiences, illuminate the human
condition and offer meaningful ways to engage with each other and the
world around us. We imagine a vibrant San Francisco where creativity,
prosperity and progress go hand in hand. We advance artists’ ideas to
improve the quality of life for everyone through a united cultural sector
whose contributions are vital and valued.

We Value:

  • Cultural equity and access to high quality arts experience for all
  • The arts as a vehicle for positive social change and prosperity
  • Artists as integral to making San Francisco a city where people want to live, work and play
  • The arts as critical to a healthy democracy and innovative government
  • Responsiveness to community needs
  • Collaboration and partnerships
  • Accountability and data-driven decision-making

Our Goals:

  1. Invest in a vibrant arts community
  2. Enliven the urban environment
  3. Shape innovative cultural policy
  4. Build public awareness of the value and benefits of the arts
  5. Improve operations to better serve the San Francisco arts ecosystem

Our programs include: Civic Art Collection, Civic Design Review, Community Investments, Public Art, SFAC Galleries and Street Artist Licensing.

For the complete history of the SFAC, check out San Francisco: Arts for the City–Civic Art and Urban Change, 1932-2012 at your local library or purchase a copy online, here.

For the SFAC’s Statement of Incompatible Activities, please see our Incompatible Activities Statement .