FAQ for individual artists

How do I get an exhibition in City Hall, the Arts Commission Gallery, or the Grove Street Windows?

All application forms are on the gallery section of the website or call 415/554-6080.

How do I get a public art commission?

Artists interested in public art commissions are encouraged to keep abreast of new and current opportunities by visiting the Public Art Program section of the website or by signing up for our newsletter.

How do I apply for the Art on Market Street Kiosk Poster Series and Temporary Projects?

Artists for both the Kiosk Poster Series and the Temporary Projects Program are selected through annual competitions. For information about how to apply to this and other RFQ’s please visit the calls for artists page.

Would the Arts Commission be interested in buying one of my artworks?

The Arts Commission will occassionally put out a call for finished works. We only accept submissions of this type of finished work during the RFQ period. Sign up for the newsletter to hear about upcoming opportunities.

How do I get a license to sell handmade art and craft products on public sidewalk vending spaces?

The Arts Commission, through the Street Artists Program, licenses artists and craftspeople to sell their handmade products on public sidewalk vending spaces designated by the Board of Supervisors. There are approximately 350 spaces, located largely in the downtown and Fisherman’s Wharf areas. You
must submit an application accompanied by a $20 nonrefundable application fee. You must also schedule an appearance before a screening committee, which meets the last Thursday of each month at 9:30 a.m., to verify that you are creating your own work for sale. No sales representatives or manufactured merchandise are allowed. For additional information about the Street Artists Program, please go to the Street Artists section of the website, visit our office during regular office hours, or call 415-252-2581.

Can I apply for a street artist’s vending license online?

Not at this time. For more information, please go to the Street Artists section of the website.

How do I obtain a permit to do a street performance or other outdoor event?

The Arts Commission does not issue permits for street performances or other events. Please go to the Entertainment Commission website or call them at 415/554-6678.

How do I get a permit to sell my art at a street fair or festival?

Call the Department of Parking and Traffic, Street Closures, 415/554-2341, to request contact information for the specific street fair or festival you’re interested in.