Live Radio Event at Historic Bayview Opera House

Creative audio portraits produced by the San Francisco Arts Commission and KALW 91.7FM highlight extraordinary people and places in Bayview at 3rd on Third on Thursday, September 19, 5:30- 9:00 p.m. ... Listen

Deep Roots 11: Iron Mom and the Students at Hilltop

Tune into this Deep Roots podcast to hear from WritersCorps teaching artist Minna Dubin, poet and performance artist Leticia Hernandez, and the young moms at Hilltop School as they prepare for the multimedia performance of "Iron Mom: Not Just A Baby Mama". ... Listen

Deep Roots 10: H.P. Mendoza

H.P. Mendoza is a filmmaker, screenwriter, music composer, and actor, well known for his films: Colma: The Musical; San Francisco-based musical Fruit Fly; and more recently, horror movie I Am A Ghost, for which he was named Best Horror Director of 2012 by SF Weekly. Tune into this new Deep ... Listen

Deep Roots 09: Rhodessa Jones

Inspirational performance artist, teacher, and activist Rhodessa Jones is recipient of this year's Mayor's Art Award. Tune in to learn how the confident Rhodessa Jones became so extraordinary. ... Listen

Deep Roots 08: William Rhodes

In the episode of Deep Roots, we meet with William Rhodes, a furniture sculpture artist who is concurrently working with three of the four City-owned Cultural Centers. ... Listen

Deep Roots 07: Alejandro Murguia

In this Deep Roots podcast, we sit down with Alejandro Murguia, San Francisco's new poet laureate, to talk about his history as a poet and community activist, and his involvement with the acquisition of the building that is now Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts. Tune in! ... Listen

Deep Roots 06: Holy Stitch

In this Deep Roots podcast you'll learn about Holy Stitch, a "denim social club" for youth to develop skills that empower them to work in the apparel industry and cultural sector. ... Listen

Deep Roots 05: StreetSmARTS

Listen to this podcast to learn about StreetSmARTS and hear an artist profile on StreetSmARTS artist Francisco Aquino, who started doing graffiti in the early days of hip-hop. ... Listen

Deep Roots 04: El Tecolote’s Floricanto

More than 40 poets celebrated El Tecolote's 40th anniversary with Floricanto, a poetry reading at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts. In this episode of Deep Roots, we share Floricanto performances by Guillermo Gómez Peña, Juan Felipe Herrera, Herrera, and Beatriz Herrera. Rio Yañez kicks it off with an ... Listen

Deep Roots 03: Art in Storefronts

This episode of Deep Roots looks at Art in Storefronts, our innovative pilot program that transformed the streetscape in four San Francisco neighborhoods. This summer, visit Art in Storefronts in Chinatown. The launch party is Friday, June 11 from 5-7 in Wentworth Alley. ... Listen

Deep Roots 02: Harvey Milk in City Hall

The second episode of Deep Roots offers a rare look at the sculpture in City Hall of civil rights leader and San Francisco hero, Harvey Milk; its sculptor; and its meaning to the city and the community that it represents. ... Listen